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21640_10151295140386545_1305231068_nMark Bergfeld

London, UK

E-Mail: mdbergfeld[at]

twitter: @mdbergfeld


About myself

I was a leading participant in the UK student movement in 2010. Currently, I am reading for my PhD in Networked Movements and the Challenge for Left Parties.

I have appeared on BBC News, Al-Jazeera English, CNN, PressTv, Russia Today and shows such as ITN’s Daybreak. I have done a number of international and national radio appearances and talk shows.  I have been profiled in the Guardian, Independent, El Pais and others.

I mostly write for alternative media outlets such as Monthly Review Zine (US), Socialist Review (UK), Radikal Portal (Norway), Ceasefire (UK), Berlin Review of Books (Germany).

I have spoken at conferences and events in Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Germany, and Britain. I have also done a number of skype link-ups for Occupy and student groups across the globe.

For media or meeting/event enquiries please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.


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