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Event: Marx is Muss-Kongress, Berlin – 9-12 May, 2013


From 9-12 May, the Marx21 network of Die Linke is organising its yearly 350-strong congress. I have been invited to speak on the German Revolution of 1918-1923 (watch my talk in English here) . Yeah, it’s been that long since Germany has witnessed some struggle.

Well, there’s The Left Party – die Linke – which elected its new leader Bernd Riexinger last year. One of his very first actions was to fly down to Greece to show solidarity with striking workers on the same day that Angie was meeting her Greek puppets. The same year ten thousands mobilised against the biggest Nazi-demonstration in Dresden and 30 000 participated in the Blockupy-demonstration against the ECB in Frankfurt. There even have been some strikes in the restaurant chain MAREDO.

This congress will unite the anti-capitalist movement, radical workers and die Linke activists. It will be a unique opportunity for radicals from across the Eurozone and beyond to learn and debate Marxism, capitalism’s crisis and the global movements against it.

Last year, I participated in a one-day workshop series on Marx’s theory of revolution, listened to Panagiotis Sotiris from ANTARSYA, a SYRIZA MP, Miguel Sanz Alcantára from the SAT in Andalucia, Christine Bucholz MP for die Linke, Tariq Ali, some dude from the Pirate Party who had just woken up and many other activists and popular authors such as Dietmar Dath who has just written a new introduction to Lenin’s The State and Revolution. I missed the People’s History of Berlin walking tour but I will definitely participate this year.

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